Serena Smith

Serena is well versed in the various aspects of documentary, but primarily focuses on production. She is very excited to be apart of EVOLUTION: The Genius Equation, as she finds the themes and topics very compelling and important.

Serena Smith moved to New York City from Denver, Colorado after graduating from high school. Starting at just 19 years old, Serena worked as a supervisor at a clothing store full time to save money to travel the world. Her travels took her to countries like Madagascar, France, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, and so many more. Before attending the New York Film Academy, Serena made short, amateur documentaries on various subjects she met around the country and the world.

She then attended and graduated from the Documentary Filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy on the dean’s list. At this school, she gained knowledge from award winning documentary filmmakers on every aspect of the filmmaking process. Aside from creating her own films and learning how to produce, she gained technical skills such as lighting, sound, editing, and cinematography. Immediately after graduating, she accompanied two filmmakers to India to shoot a film. She has also since worked on production for a few films as well as interning for a feature length film soon to premiere at DOC NYC.