EVOLUTION — The Genius Equation

This documentary film offers an evolutionary view of humanity. What would present-day society gain if we all had access to our own genius? Imagine!


Is there a secret to being genius? If there is, how do we access it? Could the advancements in technology and AI be working against our own evolution — somehow preventing us from thinking for ourselves? Are we falling into a simulated existence and losing the innate qualities that could make us into exceptional individuals?


We further recognize the neglected feminine and their intuitive genius minds could potentially hold the overlooked and, up-to-now unrecognized antidote to any future troubles.


If we continue to ignore the genius of women, what does the future look like? What will the next 100 years look like? What about the next 500 or 10,000 years from now? Are we on the verge of losing our ability to think for ourselves entirely? Are we already there? Has our sense of knowingness and ability to stream genius taken a backseat to digital dependency, distraction, and convenience?


Through this documentary, we look to show that everyone’s mind is unique, capable of developing their innate qualities, and has the capacity to stream genius — and be Genius!


“Are you ready for an extraordinary journey?”